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Cat Lo Naval Base is a former United States NavyU.S. Coast Guard, and Republic of Vietnam Navy (RVNN) base approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) northeast of Vũng Tàu in southern Vietnam that was used during the Vietnam War.[1]  

In October 1965, the U.S. Navy selected Cat Lo as the base for Swift Boat Squadron 1, Division 103 with 14 Swift Boats to be based there with berthing, messing and basic repair facilities.[2] Dredging to build the base facilities eventually took 3 years and it housed over 600 personnel.[2]: 71  Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 302 Detachment C was based at Cat Lo during the base construction.

On 22 February 1966, the newly established Division 13, Coast Guard Squadron One began operations from Cat Lo.[3]

In early 1966 PBRs of River Divisions 53 and 54 began operations from Cat Lo.[2]: 103  PACV Division 107 operating the experimental Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle also operated out of Cat Lo during their first deployment to the Vietnam War.[4]

It was home to a radio transmitter that broadcast AFN.[5]

The base was handed over to the RVNN in 1971.

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