About Us

About Design-Apparel.com
Design-Apparel.com is proud to be a retailer that provides quality products and services for American military Veterans, active duty members and their families. For the last 12 years, we have strived to honor the Veteran and remember the service. Our mission is simple - we want every Veteran and Service person to display the Medals our grateful Nation awarded them. Anything we can do to have all the great Americans who served their country in the Military Forces display their awards will enrich future generations by these symbols of Duty, Honor and Country.
Systems integrity and sophistication is particularly important.  You will be able to search for a shirt, browse the many categories and experience how easy buying online can be. We think you'll agree, it doesn't get any easier than this. The best systems, however, are meaningless without solid business practices. We've built Design-Apparel.com on the following principles:
  • Make our customer happy, satisfaction guaranteed,
  • Offer excellent customer service,
  • Provide the ultimate in customer communication,
  • Display designs accurately and give enough information for the consumer to make a good decision,
  • Respond quickly to customer inquiries,
  • Maintain extensive privacy and security policies,
  • Engage in ethical marketing and business practices,
  • When in doubt, see #1.

Design-Apparel.com is always open to new and innovative ideas in marketing decorated apparel. If you think you've got a way you can partner with us-let us know!
 Arnett L. Gill