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U.S. Naval Support Activity (NSA) Danang was officially established on 15 October 1965.[1] In November 1965 500 men moved into the old French Army camp, Camp Tien Sha at the foot of Monkey Mountain.[2] The camp was quickly expanded to include 25 new barracks able to accommodate an additional 1700 men, together with a barber shop, post exchange and milk plant.[3] NSA Danang originally operated from a commercial pier on the city side of the Hàn River and this "Museum Ramp" (16.05°N 108.2245°E) near the Cham Museum began operation in November 1965 off-loading LCU's and LST's. In July 1966 the "Bridge Cargo Ramp" (16.052°N 108.231°E) began operations increasing NSA's supply capability.[1][3]:2

In August 1967, the headquarters of NSA Danang was moved from downtown Danang to Camp Tien Sha.[3]:33

In mid-October 1968 the Deep Water Pier complex (16.12°N 108.214°E) on the Tien Sha peninsula was completed, beginning operations in September 1968. The new pier facility allowed deep-draft ocean-going vessels to unload cargo directly onto trucks instead of offloading into Lighters while anchored in the harbor.[3]:2

By 1969 NSA Danang was the Navy's largest overseas shore command and third largest supply depot after Norfolk and Oakland Naval Supply Depot and Camp Tien Sha had grown to accommodate over 6000 personnel.[3]:8

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