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During the Vietnam War, the U.S. Army maintained the 6th Convalescent Center (6th CC) at Cam Ranh Bay enabling most wounded soldiers to be treated in country. Only those who required advanced treatment not available in Vietnam got sent out of country. Injured and wounded soldiers whose injuries had received initial treatment, usually at an evacuation hospital unit, but who could not immediately return to duty, were sent to the 6th CC where they could recover and, if needed, receive further treatment which did not require hospitalization. The "wards" were typical wooden US Army Vietnam-type barracks. Some patients, based on the status of their injuries, were initially admitted to an Intensive Care ward. They were nothing like what one would view as an Intensive Care ward in a regular hospital. They were the normal barracks type "wards," but the patients were more closely monitored. When well enough, patients were moved to a regular ward, from which they were ultimately discharged when recovered enough to return to duty with their units.[citation needed]

Shortly after midnight on 7 August 1969 a Viet Cong sapper attack on the base penetrated the north perimeter and the sappers threw Satchel charges into the 6th CC killing 2 Americans and wounding 98 and damaging 19 buildings for no VC losses.[8]

The Cam Ranh Support Command was the logistical organization controlling the port and depot at Cam Ranh.[9] As of 31 July 1970, its authorized strength was 7,927, assigned 7,848.[10] The 124th Transportation Command ran the port and truck transportation units.[11] The port had 5 piers, 4 for general cargo (including one with Sea-Land cranes) and one further north for ammunition, and one jetty for a tankers.[12] Sea-Land installed its cranes on pier 4 in 1967; the first Sea-Land ship arrived in November 1967.[13] In January 1970, the port received its first containerized shipment of ammunition on Sea-Land's "Azalea City".[14] The depot was operated by the 504th Army Depot.[9] Power ships anchored in the lower harbor provided electricity to the Support Command facilities.[15]

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