Faith Over Fear


Product Description

Faith that overcomes fear is:

1) Faith that demonstrates the Holy Spirit’s power. “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power…” The Holy Spirit is the demonstrator and deliverer of the power of God. Those Christians who exercise faith over fear can point to the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, guarding their hearts and minds and guiding their decisions and directions. Is the power of the Holy Spirit on display in your life through this pandemic? If so, how? Where?

2) Faith that loves. Faith that does not love is not biblical faith. It has been to our shame that through this pandemic some Christ followers have disrespected, chastised, and degraded other Christ followers. Faith that loves does not cancel people. Faith that loves is redemptive and restorative, full of both grace and truth. Jesus said it is our love for one another that sets us apart as His followers in the world (John 13:35). Not our arguments. Not our alarmism. Not our cancel-culture. Are your words and actions loving? How has the self-sacrificing love of Christ been displayed through you in this season of cultural crisis?

3) Faith that is expressed in sound judgment. Christians who are walking in the Spirit and loving like Christ should be the most intelligent, most disciplined, most judicious people in the world. They will pray in faith and act in prudence. Their faith will work itself out in practical wisdom, not keep them from it. They will not compromise biblical conviction but will take precautions based on the wisdom that God’s common grace has afforded mankind. In this pandemic, does your faith keep you from sound judgment or lead you toward it?

Is faith the opposite of fear? Perhaps. But only when that faith is firmly anchored in Christ while is demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit, loving people, and finding expression in sound judgment.